Acts 2:1-8, The Day of Pesntecost for Holy Spurit
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Sun, Jun 4, 2017
New Life Christian Church of San Diego
주일예배설교                                                                                                  June 4, 2017.

성경본문 : 사도행전 2 : 1 – 8

설교제목 : 성령 강림과 오순절.The Holy Spirit. and Petecost.

v 1. Day of Pentecost. “Pentecost” means “fiftieht” and refer to the Feast of Weeks (Ex 34:22). or Harvest (Lev. 23:16),

which was celebrated 50 days after passover in May June (Lev. 23:15-22).

It was one of 3 annual feasts fo which the nation was to come to Jerusalem (see note on Ex 23:14-19).

At Pentecost an offering of first fruits was made (Lev. 23:20).

The Holy Spirit came to the day as the first-fruits of the believer ‘s inheritance (cf. 2 Cor. 5:5, Eph 1:11, 14),

Those gathered into the church there were also the first-fruits of the full harvest of all believers to come after in one place. The upper room mentioned in 1:13.

* 오순절 날에 성령의 임재는 당시 많은 사람들을 개종시기는 증거를 나타내고 있다.
Repentence to Christ just by Holy Spirit for witness of Pentecost.
예수님이 보내신다고 하신 성령의 약속이 없다면 우리는 주님의 하신일을 할 수 없다.

If we don't have received Holy Spilit and Promise but we are not doing to Ministry of God

v 2. a sound ... as ... mighty wind. Luke’s smile described God’s action of sending the Holy Spirit. Wind is frequently used in Scripture as a picture of the Spirit (cf. Ezek 37:9, John 3:8).

* 신약에 고린도 교회에 은사를 받았다는 무리들이 있었는데 이들은 말을 좋아하고

파쟁 을 일삼았다.
바울을 이들을 두고 “너희 중 아무에게도 세례를 주지 아니한 것을 감사 하노니”

라고 말했다.

v 3. The disciples could not comprehend the significance of the Spirit’s arrival without the Lord sovereignly illustrating what was occurring with a visible phenomenon tongues. as of fire. Just as the sound, like wind, was symbolic, these were not literal flames of fire but supernatural indicators, like fire, that God had sent the Holy Spirit upon each believer, In Scripture fire often denoted the divine presence (cf. Ex3:2-6). God’s use of a fire –like appearance here parallels what He did with the dove when Jesus was baptized (Matt. 3:11, Luke 3:16).

성령의 인도를 받을때 그리스도의 복음을 바로 전하고 영혼을 사랑하는 길을열 것이다.

우리는 주님이 명하신 예수살렘을 떠나지 말고 성령의 충만을 받으라는 것이다.

v 4. all. The apostles and the 120 C. Joel 2:28-32. filled with the Holy Spirit. In contrast to the baptism with the Spirit, which is the one time act by which the filling is a repeated reality of Spirit God places believers into His body (see notes on 1 Cor. 12:13), the filling is a repeated reality of Spirit–controlled behavior that God commands believers to maintain (see notes on Eph, 5:18) Peter and many others in Acts 2 were filled with the Spirit again (eg. 4:8, 31, 6:5, 7:55) and so spoke boldly the Word of God The fullness of the Spirit affects all areas of life, not just speaking boldly (cf. Eph. 5:19-33) vers to maintain (see notes on Eph. 5:18). with other tongues, known languages (see notes on v 6, 1 Cor. 14:1-25), not ecstatic utterances. These languages given by the Spirit were a sign of judgment to unbelieving Israel (see notes on 1 Cor 14:21, 22).

They also showed that from them on God’s people would come from all nations, and marked the transition from Israel to the church . Tongues speaking occurs only twice more in Acts 10:46, 19:6).

믿는 사람은 지식의 영으로 “ 그가 진리 가운데로 인도 하시리라. 가르치는자나 인도하는

자들은 먼저 자신을 알고 하나님의 말씀을 가르치고 성령을 체험되록 할 것이다.

* 성령은 모든 일에 예수그리스도의 십자가의 초첨을 맞추고 있다

v 5. Jews, devout men. Hebrew males who made the pilgrimage to Jerusalem. They were expected to celebrate Pentecost (see note on v1) in Jerusalem, as part of observing the Jewish religious calendar. See note on Ex 23:14-19.

지혜의 영으로 지식이 지혜가 따르지 아니하면 위험하다.
연약한 형제를 위해서 지식을 전하는 지혜가 필요하다.
언제든지 우리는 성령의 인도를 받아 성령의 가르침을 전해야 한다.
우리는 육체적 처험이나 경험에 의존하지 말고 성령의 방향을 바로 정해야 한다.

v 6. this sound. The noise like gusty wind (v2), not the sound of the various languages. speak in his own language. As the believers were speaking, each pilgrim in the crowd recognized the language or dialect from his own country.

v 7. Galileans. Inhabitants of the mostly rural area of northen Israel around the Sea of Galilee, Galilean Jews spoke with a distinct regional accent and were considered to be unsophisticated and uneducated by the southern Judean Jews. When Galileans were seen to be speaking so many different languages, the Judean Jews were astonished.

우리는 성령의 인도를 받아야 한다.우리를 유익하도록 가르치는 분은 성령이시다.

성령은 죄인들이 당장 예수를 믿는 일을 위해 삶의 목표를 두고 성령님의 은혜를 구하라

진지한 일에는 풍성한 기도가 따르지 않으면 안된다. 기도의 습관은 좋은것인데 그러나 기도의 정신은 더 좋은 것이다. 기도하는 정신으로 살려면 마음에 타오르는 헌신의 거룩 한 불에 성령의 기름을 필요로 한다.
성령을 도움을 위한 기도보다는 애급으로 내려가 도움을 청하는것과 같은 것이다..